DIY Neon Laser Wire Kit

The New DIY Neon Laser Wire® Kit is a dream come true for anyone that wants to...
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Color: Green
Length: 2.5M
Laser Module Type: Capsule Module
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DIY Neon Laser Wire Kit

DIY Neon Laser Wire Kit


DIY Neon Laser Wire Kit

Color: Green
Length: 2.5M
Laser Module Type: Capsule Module
The New DIY Neon Laser Wire® Kit is a dream come true for anyone that wants to make their own neon sign. Whether a sign shop, or first time user, the DIY Neon Kit takes no prior training or knowledge to make something awesome.

Typical Neon signs require a huge upfront cost of glass blowing and bending equipment, knowledge of working with toxic and harmful gases, high voltage power, and an extreme amount of caution. Instead, we've made it super easy to get something that looks great, takes virtually no power, and all you need is a hair dryer or heat gun. If you're intrigued, read on.

How does this kit work? We've made a brilliant, proprietary tubing which diffuses the light inside the tube beautifully, and remains rigid at room temperature. When you apply heat, it will become pliable and will form to the shape of your needs. Let it cool down and it will remain in the shape you created. The Laser Wire® cabling goes into the tubing to create a very even light throughout the tube, which also softens the light a bit, making it a pleasant light to stare at for hours on end. It also removes some of the speckle effect that is common when looking directly at the Laser Wire® by itself.

The Kit comes with everything you need to be successful in making your own Neon sign (except the heat gun or hair dryer - you probably have one of those already). First, choose the color of your choice. Next, select your laser module type (read below for more details) and output power, and lastly choose the length you want.

Laser Module Types: OpalDrive Wearable Module - This module is a self contained battery and laser module in one. It's portable size makes it ideal if you need a sign on the go, and has a built-in blink and fade as well. This module is only available in a 20mW output power.
Capsule Module - This module is great if you are using this in a game room, retail display, or permanent installation. It comes in two output power options; a 20mW and 70mW (which is roughly 3x the brightness). The capsule module has a USB Male A connector on the input, so it works with most power bank batteries, cell phone chargers, laptops and USB wall ports.

Advanced Mode: Here's where it gets fun! The specialized tubing we created diffuses the light inside the tube very evenly. This is especially useful if you wanted a color other than red, green or blue. Let's say you wanted a teal blue or yellow color. You can fit multiple strands of Laser Wire® cabling inside, so the combination of the colors inside the tube will be shown on all sides, creating unique colors of your choice. To add a standard Laser Wire 2.5M Kit to this kit, Click Here. To add a standard Laser Wire 5M Kit to this kit, Click Here.

Want to change colors? Adding an Arduino or anything that can produce a PWM signal to the input of the laser modules to dim, fade, or turn on or off for color changing effects that standard Neon light could never dream of! For other questions relating to this kit, please feel free to contact us.

Kit Includes:
1x Laser Module of Choice
1x Laser Wire® (Select Length)
1x Faux Neon Tubing
10x Clear Plastic Mounting Clips

Dimensions: Laser Wire Faux Neon Tubing DIA: 4.78mm (OD) - 3.78mm (ID)
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Input Connector: USB Male A
Optical Power: 20mW, 70mW
Power Consumption: 150-450mA (Depending on Color, Output Power)

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