Custom Automotive and Transportation Lighting

At, we're driving innovation with our custom lighting solutions designed for the automotive and transportation industry. Our specialized products, including VynEL Cling Lighting and SewGlo Illuminated Thread, offer unique, customizable lighting options for both exterior and interior applications. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle or improve its functionality and safety, our cutting-edge lighting solutions are engineered to set your projects apart.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

VynEL Lighting for Exteriors
VynEL Cling Lighting revolutionizes vehicle customization, offering a flexible, wrap-like lighting solution that contours perfectly to the unique shapes of any vehicle. Similar to an automotive wrap but designed to illuminate, VynEL Cling can be applied to cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction vehicles, emergency vehicles, and even used in marine applications, providing a stunning visual effect that enhances visibility and safety. Whether you're looking to make a statement on the road or add sophisticated branding to corporate vehicles, VynEL Cling brings your vision to light.

SewGlo Illuminated Thread for Interiors
Elevate the interior of any vehicle with the luxurious glow of SewGlo Illuminated Thread. Perfect for stitching into headrests, armrests, consoles, and more, SewGlo allows for personalized illumination that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Imagine the possibilities of sewing light into the fabric of your vehicle's interior, creating ambient lighting that enhances the driving experience and impresses passengers.

Customizable for Every Need

Automotive Customization and Branding
Our lighting solutions offer endless possibilities for customization and branding. With VynEL Cling and SewGlo™ lighting, automotive manufacturers, custom shops, and branding agencies can create unique, eye-catching designs that highlight a brand's identity or an individual's style. From glowing logos to illuminated accents, our products are designed to make any vehicle stand out.

Enhanced Safety and Functionality
Beyond aesthetics, our automotive lighting solutions contribute to enhanced safety and functionality. VynEL Cling can be used to increase the visibility of vehicles like semi-trucks or construction vehicles, making them safer to operate in low-light conditions. Similarly, SewGlo's interior lighting can improve the usability and accessibility of vehicle controls and features, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for drivers and passengers alike.

Why Choose for Custom Automotive Lighting? is at the forefront of automotive lighting innovation. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our passion for creativity, allows us to offer bespoke lighting solutions that merge style with safety. We understand the automotive industry's needs and are dedicated to providing fast turnaround times, expert guidance, and unparalleled customer service.

Illuminate your automotive and transportation projects with, where innovation meets the road.