Custom Commercial and Retail Lighting

Welcome to Ellumiglow, where we specialize in transforming commercial and retail spaces with innovative lighting solutions. Our Custom Commercial and Retail Lighting services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses looking to enhance their visibility, create inviting atmospheres, and improve customer experiences. Featuring our advanced Pixel-Free LED™ products and custom lighting solutions for retail signs and displays, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions for shopping malls, hotels, office and medical buildings, and more.

Pixel-Free LED™: A Revolution in Lighting Design

Seamless Illumination for Retail Spaces
Our Pixel-Free LED™ technology offers a breakthrough in lighting design, providing a continuous, uniform glow without the visible dots or pixels associated with traditional LED strips. This seamless illumination is perfect for retail signs and displays, drawing attention to products and promotions while enhancing the overall shopping experience. Customizable in length, color, and brightness, Pixel-Free LED™ lighting can be tailored to suit any retail environment, from boutique stores to large department stores.

Ambient Lighting for Commercial Spaces
In commercial settings like shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings, the right lighting can significantly impact the atmosphere and functionality of the space. Pixel-Free LED™ lighting offers versatile solutions that can create warm, welcoming environments, highlight architectural features, or provide practical, energy-efficient general lighting. Its durability and low maintenance make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, ensuring that your space remains brilliantly illuminated year-round.

Custom Lighting Solutions for Every Need

Retail Signs and Displays
Catch the eye of every passerby with custom lighting for retail signs and displays. From vibrant, backlit advertisements to elegantly lit showcase displays, our lighting solutions are designed to make your brand and products stand out. We work closely with retailers to understand their vision and requirements, delivering custom solutions that not only attract attention but also enhance the aesthetics of their retail space.

Lighting for Shopping Malls, Hotels, and More
Create memorable experiences for visitors with custom lighting solutions for shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and medical facilities. Our expertise in lighting design allows us to offer solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, whether it's creating a luxurious ambiance in a hotel lobby or ensuring clear, comfortable lighting in office and medical environments. From exterior facades to interior common areas, our lighting solutions are tailored to enhance the character and functionality of each space.

Why Choose

At, we understand that lighting is not just about illumination—it's about creating an experience. Our Custom Commercial and Retail Lighting services are backed by innovative products like Pixel-Free LED™ and a team of lighting experts dedicated to bringing your vision to light. With a focus on quality, customization, and customer service, we're here to illuminate your commercial or retail space in ways that inspire and engage.

Illuminate your business with, where lighting innovation meets commercial and retail excellence.