EL Tape Billboard

New Electroluminescent Tape Billboard is starting to take shape among new advertising mediums. Electroluminescent (EL) Tape is as thin as a credit card, but it can be cut, bent, and can form to nearly any shape. It provides a magical, uniform glow, and is a perfect new way to advertise cutting edge products. EL Tape is made from the element phosphor, and when it glows, it lets off a beautiful glow. The natural color of EL Tape is a teal blue, but with a little help, the tape can come in nearly every color in the spectrum. Making a billboard back-lit with EL Tape is surprisingly simple as well. 

First, you need some EL Tape, or EL Panel. 
Next just a vinyl coating of your image or logo. 
Last attach to the tape and you have yourself a completely customize backlit billboard, poster, or anything else you want to be seen!

Electroluminescent Billboard

To get a custom quote on an EL Billboard for your business, please email or call us to find out more.