How To Make Your Own Light Up Tron Costume

UPDATE: Follow along with our new instructional video!


When planning your Tron costume, expect that you''ll never use the outfit for any other purpose again. The adhesive won't ruin authentic leather jackets or pants but it takes several careful scrubbings and goo-be-gone to remove entirely…Trauma for any expensive leather clothing. Pleather, latex and PVC catsuits work extremely well, as they are flexible and easier to adhere.

With proper planning the entire setup can take less than an hour. If you are adhering it to a stretch suit, it is better to wait until the day of the costume party or the elastic will add unwanted curves to the EL tape.  The most difficult part of construction is planning how and where the male and female connections will connect together.

01. Start by looking at our inspiration gallery to find the style you want to replicate. Draw a sketch on paper or use our reference diagrams then try drawing the intended pattern on your subject with a marker or tailors chalk.

Close up of Marking where EL Tape will go

02. Back Detail

Back of Tron Costume Before EL Tape

03. Front Detail

Front of Tron Costume Before EL Tape


04-05. Remove paper backing and begin to adhere the EL tape. For areas you want to mask out, use black electrical tape.


Applying the EL Tape to the costume


Close up of electrical tape and blacking out light


06-08. Connect all EL tape wires ensuring


Connecting the EL Tape in Series


Broad image of connecting the el tape


Close up of el tape on costume


09. Using GorillaTape on stretchable catsuits, back tape the area behind the wired connections. Do this for the entire suit. Remove it, cut small slits near the joints using an exact blade and feed the wires through to hide them. You may want to tape over the excess wire and connection points to limit rubbing and irritation.

inside of costume


10- 11. Rewire the suit by tucking the connections inside these slits.


Cut holes where wires will go


Close up of catsuit and wires


12. Add safety pins at major stress points like shoulders elbows and knees.


Push connectors through slit in clothing


13. Plug in the power packs to test your wiring.  Powerpacks are best located on a man''s belt and in or on a woman''s boot. Plan your wiring accordingly.


Close up of battery packs on female costume Good luck and have fun! This is not intended to be a 1:1 perfect match for a replica tron costume, but more of an abstract 1 of a kind costume. Each costume can be completely unique from the rest, so take some extra time in the planning stages to make sure you get the coolest costume on the grid!