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When it comes to delivering the most innovative and cutting-edge lighting, Ellumiglow is the consistent choice for designers, retailers, stage performances, events, safety and wearables. Laser wire™ cable, a brand new technology in the lighting industry, is the perfect next generation to the ever-popular EL Wire, or E-wire lights, due to the increased brightness, massive flexibility increase, ability to integrate lightweight and long lasting materials, and low cost of ownership. In fact, Laser Wire when compared to any other linear accent lighting, including EL Wire, EL Tape, LED Tape, Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) or Neon, Laser Wire is anywhere between 1/4th to 1/100th the cost. 

Ellumiglow spends a great deal of effort on research and development to provide the best in LED glow wire like the EL light tape, as well as Laser Wire, e-wire lights and el wire clothing. Designers and Engineers love working with Ellumiglow, as we have artists, software and hardware engineers, and all around lighting enthusiasts on staff to help work through projects both big and small. Our custom division takes on projects ranging from personal parties and displays to major entertainment events throughout the world, like EDC, Tomorrowland, Ultra, and more. Futures Divisions and Prototyping shops love working with our products as we are able to design custom inverters, laser modules and lighting elements rapidly in our shop, and we dedicate one person on our team to help throughout the journey of the project until completion. Fast is great, but what happens when you need production volumes of Lasers, VynEL™ or EL Inverters? Our overseas facilities in China and Taiwan can accommodate millions of products and keep even the largest jobs on track and on budget. 

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You'll find a variety of e-wire lights that have been the most reliable, high quality, and brightest products in the industry, and each one passes rigorous testing before it leaves our Portland, Oregon facility.  We take pride in the products we sell and as such, many of our products glow brighter, make your products last longer, and are safer to use than the competition.  We know that special events have one shot to make a lasting impression, and low grade products that are proven to be unreliable are not sold at our store. We want our customers to have peace of mind while shopping at Ellumiglow, knowing their Laser Wire® cable and LED glow wire needs are met with reliability and ease

Ellumiglow saw the need for awesome lighting technologies to combine futuristic lighting with safety and coolness, and in using our background in electronics, robotics, and web design, we've come up with cool lighting products that get gobbled up by retailers and consumers alike. One of the most recent products, SewGlo® Illuminated Thread provides lit accents to quite literally anything that can be sewn. The public and design industry have been excited to see our lighting products displayed throughout the world at festivals, in store windows, stage performances and unique hi-tech safety gear.

If you are in the Northwest, we welcome visitors to make an appointment to come by our facility and pick up any of our EL or LED products directly. Our new showroom gives us the chance to sell our quality products directly to the public at the lowest prices.  Each day we light up different areas to give customers a full experience of what any ambient lighting product will do in their space. Come by and pick up one of our popular LED strip lights to use in home, event, display and more.


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