Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between split and parallel tape?
There are many differences, but simply put, Parallel panels work just like el wire, and can be powered using the same inverters. Split panels operate on a lower frequency, and a higher voltage. This means that a special split inverter must be used. Split tape is brighter than parallel tape, and has a longer lifespan because of this difference in operating frequency. Also split tape comes in spools, so you can get as much tape as you need, while parallel panels are individually made, so what you see is what you get. More information on the difference between Split and Parallel EL Panels can be seen here. 

What type of inverter should I use?
You need to ask yourself three questions: How much glow do I need? Which technology do I want to use? (i.e. wire, split or parallel) and Plug in or portable? If you are using EL Wire, just make sure the inverter is large enough for the amount of wire you wish to use, and if you need it to be portable be sure to choose a battery pack or holder. If you would like a plug in unit, you can choose from any of our inverters (excluding split) and add an ac adapter. If you are using parallel or split, you must calculate the total square inches of glow surface(a=l*w), and choose the appropriate split or parallel inverter. For additional information and a more in-depth look at these inverter choices, check out our EL Wire buyer’s guide. 

How do I connect my Wire?
Connecting EL Wire is a fairly simple soldering process. First you will want to heat the end of your wire, and strip off the plastic sheathing while it is still warm, being sure to leave the angel hair wires intact that surround the phosphor core. Next you will want to pull the angel hairs away from the phosphor core, and strip a small amount of the phosphor off the very tip, exposing the silver beneath. Next you will want to take your female EZ Snap connector, and solder one lead to your angel hair wires, and the other to your exposed metal tip. Next you should test your connection to ensure that your soldering was done correctly. Finally you will want to put some heat shrink over your soldered section, and heat it so that it shrinks over and protects your connection, giving you a clean continuous finished product. 

What is the color brightest Wire you carry?
Vibrant Blue. It is clear when off, and is the natural color of the phosphorus, so there is no pigment in the wire sheath which means all of the light can come through. 

Where is my order now?
All of the information regarding your order can be seen by clicking the “My account” button in the upper right hand corner of the page and logging in. You can see our notes on your order, check the shipment status, and follow us step by step through the process of sending your order out. Generally we process orders Mon-Fri, and your order will be processed the day after it is received. So if you place an order friday evening, you can expect it to be processed and shipped the following monday most likely. Shipping time (with our free shipping) is generally shipped within approximately 3 days, and arrives in about a week. Faster shipping methods (including FedEx Priority Overnight) are available in checkout. 

What is your return/exchange policy?
We accept returns on all products in new condition. First you should email us at, explaining the circumstances of your return and receive an RMA number from us. Any returned orders that do not have an RMA number will not be accepted and returned to sender. You must then ship the product back to us, with either the original packing slip or the RMA and order number must be clearly marked inside the package. Once we verify the product is in new (e.g. we can still sell the item) condition, we will refund the cost of the product minus the original shipping costs as well as a 6% restocking fee. You will not receive a refund for shipping costs associated with your order even if the FREE SHIPPING option was selected. In order to exchange your product, you must first email us, receive an RMA number, then ship us your item with the original packing slip and a note with the item you wish to exchange for. 

Where are you located? Can I buy in person?
We currently are located at 222 SE Alder St., Portland, OR, 97214. We are open Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM for in-store pickup. You can reach us at or by giving us a call at 877-615-6556.