EL Troubleshooting Guide

This helpful FAQ is a list of common questions customers have when their EL Wire, EL Tape or EL Panels stop working. Please read through the guide to help you better understand the technology and common troubleshooting techniques. Read below for more information.


So your EL Wire isn’t illuminating for some reason? No problem at all, this troubleshooting guide should get you glowing in no time.

1. Are your batteries fresh and of high quality?
This is the most common issue that we run into. If your EL Wire stops working, it probably means its time for some new batteries.

2. Can you hear your inverter?
So now that your batteries are nice and new, your inverter should be in working order. When you power up your inverter it (should) generate an audible high pitched frequency. If it isn’t try unplugging the EL Wire and powering it up again. If you can only hear the frequency your EL Wire isn’t plugged in, it means there is a short in your wire. If you cannot hear your inverter, with or without wire, it means your inverter is not in working order. Note: Smaller inverters are more difficult to hear.

3. Are there any kinks or sharp bends in your EL Wire?
Because the small angel hair wires within your EL Wire are fragile, sharp bends or angles can break them. If they break anywhere along your wire, the whole strand will short out and no longer light up. If you have any portions of your wire that are creased over, twisted up, kinked, bent, or generally ragged, try cutting these portions out of your wire and powering it up once more. If your wire lights up at this point, that means you cut the short out of your EL Wire.

4. Is your brightness jog wheel turned up?
As silly as it sounds, it happens occasionally. If your brightness jog wheel is turned all the way down, your wire will not illuminate, and you will not be able to hear your inverter.

5. Did you solder your connection yourself?

Even we do it occasionally. Soldering a connection can be difficult, especially when you are first getting started. Make sure that your angel hair wires aren’t touching the core wire! This will cause a short.

6. Did you add your own end cap?

Occasionally when heating an end cap to ensure a sturdy seal, the plastic sheath gets pushed down exposing the core to your angel hair wires causing a short. Try snipping off the last inch of your wire and lighting it once more. 

7. Still not lighting up?
Give us a call and we’ll try and assist you further: 877-615-6556