Custom LED Sign

Custom Illuminated Signs

Need some custom signage for an event, retail space or office? Our custom lighting division is your one-stop shop. Depending on your requirement, we have a vast amount of lighting resources at our disposal. Common sign technologies we use are typically made with VynEL™, Laser Wire®, or LED’s to create a unique, one-of-a-kind sign that’s perfect for your space.

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Our good friends at Sasquatch Agency in Portland worked with us to create a unique light up feature sign when you walk into their office. To do this, our design team worked with theirs to come up with the sign's look and feel.

custom sign in progress

Once we had sign-off on the design, we went to work on fabrication and created the sign using an expanded pvc, sometimes referred to as Sintra. Our in-house machinery includes laser cutters, CNC machines, vinyl cutters, multiple soldering stations, injection molders, all kinds of woodworking equipment and more. 

cnc routing the sign

In this case, Sasquatch wanted the sign to look great during the day, but to provide a subtle glow at night when they wanted it to be seen. Having some soft edges made the sign feel inviting, and yet still modern. Painting with a matte finish that matched the rest of their decor was important, so we went to work painting the sign, prior to installing LEDs. 

expanded pvc sign

In this case, we use a thin LED strip which ran around each letter like a roller coaster on the inside of the sign, and the wiring for each letter went through the wall and came back out the other side.

inside of sign

Specialized stand-offs were used to limit the distance between the wall and sign, to create a very shallow and subtle glow. This is the end result on the wall. Pretty cool, right?

finished led custom sign