Looking for a way to stand out at conventions? Want to take your cosplay to the next level and have some fun doing it? Ellumiglow is your perfect partner to help your lighted garments come to life! If you haven't heard of VynEL™, Laser Wire® or SewGlo™ lighting, then read on!

VynEL™ Lighting

SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread

Laser Wire® Systems

VynEL cosplay tron SewGlo For Cosplay Cosplay Laser Wire
VynEL™ lighting is a fun product that's flexible, sewable, and even heat bondable. Tired of taking off pieces of your cosplay costume just to wash it? With VynEL™, it's even machine washable! Comfortable to wear, and easy to integrate, VynEL™ lighting is guaranteed to be your favorite product when concepting your next cosplay creation. SewGlo™ is our newest product in the Ellumiglow lineup. It's amazingly thin, so much, that you can treat it like regular thread. Now you can literally #AddLightAnywhere as this light can be sewn with common sewing machines, and even embroidered for unique, one-of-a-kind logos never before able to illuminate. Laser Wire® offers bright, crisp integrated lines into nearly anything. It's extremely flexible and sure to make your cosplay stand out even in trade show floors. Embed Laser Wire® cabling into metals, plastics or even fabrics, for a unique appearance that accents your creation beautifully.