What Is Welted EL Wire?


Think back to the 80''s where mullets ran rampant and tails we totally in. Well, welted EL Wire is not quite the same, but it rocks a serious tail nonetheless. Welted EL Wire at it''s core is the same as the round EL Wire we have come to love, but built into the plastic casing is a tail that extends about 2 times the diameter of the wire. What this does, is allow you to affix the EL Wire to a number of different applications, without having to use glue, or without breaking the beam of light to your viewers. 

Welted EL Wire in Costumes

Welted EL Wire is a great way to go when using for costumes, as it sews quite easily into fabrics. The Welting has no electronics running through it, so it makes a perfect seam to sew into fabrics without having to sew over the light. Welted EL Wire is great for furniture as well. Try sewing into boat fabrics, your favorite couch, or outdoor furniture like bar stools, as it provides a great glow to your furniture.