Visit Our Showroom

Portlanders, Seattlans, and anyone in the Northwest. We hail you. We're ready for you! Come visit our showroom and come grab the hottest lights of the season without waiting for shipping. Or just come see what's new or see how we can help with a project. We've been hard at work providing a spectacular showroom for everything lighting. For Burning Man, New Years, Mardi Gras, Halloween and more, come see the latest lights and cool products in the nation. Order online and pickup in store, or just come browse what we have to offer. You''ll be amazed at what is here and what we've done with the place. See below to see our some before and afters.

 warehouse before

warehouse after

EL Showroom

EL Swing

Also, for the many people who asked... How the heck did we get a shipping container in the warehouse? Here''s how.

It took 3 people 5 hours to move the container about 70ft and into position. Special thanks to the forklift for the extra muscle, this beast weighs 5500lbs!

shipping container moving into the warehouse