Lighting Consultants

Our team of designers, engineers and consultants makes us a perfect fit for your next project. By working with us directly, you cut out many middle men; We manufacturer many of our own products so you get factory direct pricing, all while getting to work directly with the best! Ellumiglow representatives pride themselves on becoming Electroluminescent, LED and Laser experts and we’ve built countless custom lighting applications across many industries including; trade show and retail, environmental led and pop up shop build outs, aerospace, wearables, automotive, stage and event production, and more. We have facilities both in the USA and Asia, so we not only can prototype quickly, but also meet budgets even on high volume manufacturing projects. Our combined facilities are capable of handling hundreds of thousands of pieces per month and our quality is never beat. For more information on your next project and to speak with our lighting consultants, please email or call us at: or 877.615.6556.

north face retail display with Pixel-Free LED Lighting

cosplay lighting with VynEL