GloPower™ Battery Technology

What is GloPower™ Battery Technology?

GloPower™ technology is an innovative approach to battery storage. We typically compare the revolution and impact Solid State Disc's had on the market when they started taking over the spinning disc drive market in computers. GloPower™ is an infinitely safer, explosion-proof battery technology, when compared to Lithium Polymer technology, that can take impacts, heat, and overcharging, all without exploding. The possibilities are endless with the addition of GloPower™ Battery Technology because products now have the ability of having rechargeable power integrated into the designs without the risk of explosion. This is important for industries like wearables, helmets and safety, luggage, electric vehicles, drones (UAV's) and more. 

lumilor helmet

How Does GloPower™ Work?

All batteries work in a similar fashion where charged ions flow between a medium, which is how they store the energy. In common LiPo batteries, as the charged ions flow between the anode and cathode during discharge (and the opposite during charging), electrolyte decomosition happens and excess oxygen makes the battery swell, or bulge. Lead Acid batteries instead rely on a sea of liquid that makes it more stable, but also not able to hold as much energy. However GloPower™ batteries condense the charged ions together so tightly, it becomes the world's first solid state battery. This allows the technology to be infinitely safer than LiPo technology with a similar footprint. 

What Are The Risks?

LiPo batteries have a high risk when overheated, overcharged, or punctured because of the unstable flowing material inside the battery. When a large impact or penetration happens, the battery becomes unstable and has the potential to explode. Conversely, GloPower™ batteries have no risk of explosion or fire, even when shot by a gun. Bullets simply go through the material and come out the other side, and the battery still works! Don't try this with a typical LiPo!

cutting a glopower battery

penetrating a battery

Here's what happens on an impact with a typical LiPo versus GloPower™ batteries.

no fire hazard

What Can I Use GloPower™ Battery Technology For?

The sky is the limit when thinking of application uses. From helmets to headsets, footwear to belts, safety to bracelets, if you have been slow to get into the wearables market because of the risk of LiPo batteries, this is your chance!

wearable battery

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