Differences Between Lumilor and Lumilor Pro EL Paint Applications

So you're diving into the wonderful world of EL Paint? Excellent! We've recently released a new version of Lumilor called Lumilor Pro, and we'd like to tell you some of the exciting differences between the two.

PRO stands for Professional. Why is it professional? We're excited to announce Lumilor Pro is now being manufactured by Rust-Oleum, a $1B subsidiary of global coatings leader RPM International. As such, many improvements in consistency, brightness and applications have all been achieved. Currently the VOC is <250g/l for all layers. It's been tested and proven to pass the following ASTM standards:

  • Adhesion ASTM D3359
  • Chemical Testing ASTM 1308 (custom)
  • Impact Resistance ASTM D2794-10
  • Mandrel Bend ASTM D522
  • QUV A ASTM D4587
  • Salt Fog ASTM B117
  • Outdoor Exposure ASTM G7, direct
  • Climate Cycling (custom)

How To Tell Standard vs. Pro Version Apart
The easiest way to see which version you have is by the logo and label. The standard Lumilor label has a black and white label, whereas the Pro version has an all black label, consistent with all 4 components of the system. The Pro version also says "Pro" in the logo.

Lumilor Pro vs. Lumilor EL Paint

Lumilor vs. Lumilor Pro Differences In Application Process

The nice thing about the migration is both products require the same equipment and shop tools for application. No new tools  are required to migrate over. 

Basic Differences Between Lumilor Pro and Lumilor


  • More forgiving if sprayed heavy
  • Glossier appearance
  • Does not sag as much; levels out after drying
  • Does not shrink, crack, or pull away from tape if sprayed heavy
  • Requires extra dry time based on your spray environment
  • Softer when dry, gouges easier


  • Textured when wet, levels as it dries
  • No issues with cracking
  • More transparent than LumiLor
  • Glossier finish


  • More granular appearance when not fully dry
  • Requires extra dry time based on your spray environment


  • Recommended PSI 20 - 25 for LumiLor and 15 - 20 for LumiLor Pro


  • Recommended PSI of 25 - 30 compared to 20 - 25 for LumiLor
  • Can spray wet; sag resistant
  • Color is a different shade of blue
  • Looks textured or mottled when applied 

These are the basic differences between the two products. Below is a full step by step video allowing you to follow along to be successful with Lumilor Pro EL Paint products.

Should you have any additional questions or want help with custom EL Paint application, please contact us at info@ellumiglow.com or call 877.615.6556.