Custom Neon Signage

If you are looking to make some custom Neon LED signage, Ellumiglow is a perfect partner. We have lots of experience making all kinds of signs, from custom wedding signs, to retail fixtures you might find in big box stores. Our process is simple, efficient, and cost effective. Whether you have a complex design or a phrase that needs to be in lights, our method from start to completion is easy. Whether you have a big sign that needs to be on center stage, or a window sign for a coffee shop, our LED Neon Signage is able to be seen across the globe.

led neon sign colors

We work with you to create the sign in vector format (typically we use Adobe Illustrator). If you need some design help, we can help with that too. Have a custom font? Send it over and we can easily tell you feasibility. Due to the nature of some fonts, there might be some limitations, but for the most part we can get pretty close to matching many fonts.

Select a size that works for your space. If you need recommendations, let us know and we can help scale something perfect for you.

We have 21 colors to choose from currently. Some color options will be very close to the same when lit up, others appear white when not lit. This can be handy for hiding the neon sign when not in use, or perhaps blending in with your surroundings.

Whether you plan to have this indoors or out, we can make it meet your requirements and provide a long lasting appearance for years to come. Our LEDs have a 50k hour lifespan and are rated IP65. They include UV inhibitors so they can even be used in direct sunlight.

If you just want to plug in and turn on, that's great. But if you want to add dimming and other functionality we got you covered! Our specialized power supplies can dim through standard wall dimmers, or you could even hook up to Amazon Echo or Philips Hue devices and add smart functionality to it. Want to turn on your team's sign when your favorite sports team is about to start, or announce to the bar it's Happy Hour, easily set up automations so you never have to lift a finger. If you need ideas or help setting it up, just let us know and we can help with that too!