Nightclub Lighting Guide

Below are a number of helpful links when talking about nightclub lighting. These guides range from safe and creative ways to use a club laser, to the best ways to enhance your lighting inside your club.


Case Study Of A Laser Light Show - The first part in a series of videos outlining what is entailed with setting up a laser light show.

     - Laser Show Design - Part 2 in the laser light show case study. Basics of how to design a laser show. 

     - Laser Rigging - Part 3 in the laser show case study. This video takes you through the thought process of setting up your show safely, making sure to comply with all FDA guidelines.

     - Focusing Lasers - Part 4 in the series, this video shows you how to maximize your laser effects in a room.

     - Laser Controls - Part 5 in the series, Laser Controls shows you the different ways lasers can be controlled for your show.

     - Using Fog and Haze - Part 6 in the club laser show series, this video outlines safe practices when using Haze and Fog, and how to NOT set off fire alarms.

     - Time Lapse of Setup and Case Study Highlights - In this bonus video, check out a cool time lapse of a laser show from start to finish, as well as an overview of the series.


FDA Laser Safety Alert - Make sure to use Lasers the safe way.


DJ Lighting and Equipment Basics - Basic information on DJ Lighting